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Hello, I am JB Favour. I am the author of a globally reviewed anthology - ''Once Upon A Virus'', a ghostwriter, poet, voiceover artist and brand consultant.

I help people write their stories in a way that would feel like they wrote their story themselves. I ghostwrite memoirs/autobiographies and specific genres of fiction like thrillers, romance and YA novels. 

Specific ghostwriting which includes manuscript rewrites are also my forte.

I am also the founder/host of a book promotion platform; Bookterviews - Meet An Author Show. The show is hosted on YouTube

 and airs biweekly, featuring authors all over the world on LIVE interviews covering behind stories of their work and writing journey.

In July 2020, I founded Faves_Pen, a digital content creating agency offering branding and bulk content creation services to companies and businesses across the globe. 

My life mission is simple. To exist as creatively and as passionately as possible. 

I believe in dreams and passions. I believe that consistency produces breakthrough. So, even if I have to be my own cheerleader and crowd alone, it will only take time. Someday I'll cheer and instead of an empty echo, I'll hear a loud applause. 

JB Favour


Everyone is a SURVIVOR....
And this book is proof of that. This book is a GIFT to all of us who survived the year 2020, a MEMORIAL for those who died fighting this dreadful pandemic and CLOSURE for those of us still struggling to live with the scars and aftermaths of this tumultuous experience. In this ANTHOLOGY, I have collected different emotions that we have at one point of our lives experienced and may still experience as COVID continues to exist and made them into POEMS.
Inspired by my own personal struggles and triumphs, the stories of others and the experiences of those who let me into the sanctuary of their thoughts and minds, I have birthed these poems. From MENTAL HEALTH BATTLES to LOSS, ANXIETY, FRIENDSHIPS, DOUBTS, SELF DISCOVERY and even LOVE, there isn't a single emotion this pandemic spurred that was excluded from this piece. This is me trying to show us how strong we are, how valid our emotions albeit confusing they might have been and that surviving COVID is no joke. For every single one of us CHANGED in ways we never thought possible.
This is a documentation of our valid emotions and a reminder that because we lived in the year of the VIRUS, there isn't a thing we cannot SURVIVE dear soldiers. So, I'm hoping that as you read through the sincere, utterly naked and raw emotions poured out in this book, you feel a sense of comradeship and peace that ONCE UPON A VIRUS you were not alone. You and I, all of us, we SURVIVED.
And for those who didn't, BADGES of honor, they fought bravely as much as they could.


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The Gen Z Effect - Blending Personality, Branding & Social Media

I would definitely have loved to begin with probably explaining who the Gen Z's are, but I think almost everyone has had enough of all the varying definitions attached to it. So I'll simply put it briefly - Gen Z's are the new age. The new generation popularly called the mobile generation or the computer crazy age. And rightly so. Technology has seen an upward surge since the Gen Z era with noticeable improvements in the digital world, along with the well, metaverse. Of course, trust me to pipe


Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and the likes of it have become one of the most popular facets of digital marketing. Popular true, but successful? Well not everyone would agree. Everyday the average man wastes more than $100 - $500 per day for Ads that do not convert into a single sale. Harsh? Not for Zuckerberg who constantly cashes out from the several thousands and millions wasted on Ads per year. For some, Ads have been the absolute life saver for their brand or business. Why does this twofaced scheme seem to favor one side over the other? Is there a lifehack to mastering your use of Ads and invariably join the list of thriving business dependent on Ads? Read on to find out.

A Medical Guide On The COVID -19 Test Subject

With the rise and surge of the deadly pandemic - Covid 19 and the government's attempt to contain and monitor the breakout of more cases, what will be the effect of strict monitoring protocols on fundamental human rights? Can a balance be achieved with regards to protecting the rights of privacy or will those who undergo PCR testing be stripped off such rights? And are there any exceptions? Read this article to find out more.

It's Not a Mask If It's Fake

Long before Mr. Corona came on board, masks were considered more of fashionable items, anonymity aids and even party/gala requirements. But Covid came and masks tilted towards the medical side than mere fashion. Having said this, mask materials had to become more sturdy, durable and efficient for combating the spread of Covid. However, not everyone seems to understand that the more fashionable a mask was, the less likely it is able to protect the wearer. Covid says no, but fashion says yes. Find out more in this article - Its not a mask if its fake.

A Comprehensive Guide For Men's Fashion.

Being a man is not a day's job. Being a fashionable man is well, a lifetime job. Trends come and go, labels and brands are exorbitant and half of the time, even an expensive fashion piece can be an error when not matched correctly. In a world where the average man needs to impress rather than express, how can you find the right guide for keeping both your impressions and expressions in the right gear? This comprehensive guide is a life hack and your genie whenever you need one.


Where Broken Dreams Lie | Genre - Memoir

A woman begins a whirlwind romance filled with promises of a fairy tale love and happily ever after. But happily ever after is thrown off the window just as vows are exchanged and a baby is underway. When two comes to tango, an infidelity war ensues along with the betrayals, heartbreak and broken dreams. Suddenly nothing is promised and two soulmates become bitter enemies bound by a vendetta and terrible court battles. Forced to choose between her freedom and her daughter, follow through this honest, survival themed memoir - Where Broken Dreams Lie.

Vanish - A Murder Mystery | Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Michael McClain is out to patch things up with his 12 year old son. Battling a messy divorce and a vengeful wife, there is only one reason Michael is still crossing paths with the one person who wrecked him completely - his ex wife Vida. That reason is Tommy, his son. But there is more to the story than couple feuds. Something sinister is brewing and soon, Michael is shot dead in traffic with his son holding the supposed gun in his hands or is Tommy merely a pawn in this vicious and suspense filled drama?

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